Monday, April 30, 2007

Tulum & The Riviera Maya...

Been a long time!

Just back from a great week in Tulum, Mexico... Honestly, before this trip I had never been to Mexico. Between the lack of Spanish language skills and the overdone Cancun-Spring Break reputation, I really had no desire.

However, three things happened to change my mind. First, Brielle had a friend getting married in Phoenix, Arizona. Second, I needed a vacation! And third, after a few years of inactivity, I was dying to get back into scuba diving. I also wanted to get Brielle certified. Those three things conspired to give us a pretty tight radius for a holiday choice. Cabo San Lucas was an option, but I knocked it out due to its rep as a golfing and fishing spot. We considered the Caymans, but flights did not work out. Cancun was the perfect solution due to frequency of flights from NYC and the America West connections to Phoenix. The only problem, then, was the Spring Break element of Cancun.

The answer... Riviera Maya! A relatively untouched stretch of Caribbean coast that offers of-the-beaten-path hotels and resorts, great food and beer (cerveza!), and solid diving. Why not? From there, internet research uncovered a GREAT boutique hotel: Mezzanine

To get there, we'd fly into Cancun, rent a car, then drive about 2 hours south (and away from the Cancun riff-raff) to the sleepy town of Tulum.

The result? An incredible week of fun & sun... We dove (Brielle got certified), we ran everyday along the beach, we explored the Mayan ruins at Tulum (up the beach from our hotel), we ventured into town for great, cheap meals, and we absolutely LOVED Mezzanine. It's owned by a New Zealand couple intent on keeping it small, clean, and chic. No kids, great vibe/music, terrific staff, and an unbeatable location. Only 4 rooms, all beachfront. Highly, highly recommended, especially for $250/night!! Also, the restuarant is a bit ecclectic since it's Thai-Mexican, but it rocks. The Thai chef they imported does wonders with Mexican classics. The Fish Tacos were beyond description - I think I ate them every day!!

After a week in Tulum it was off to Phoenix, where we spent a great 2 days at a wedding. All in all, an amazing 10 days. Flights were perfect - you leave NYC at 6am and can be on the beach in Tulum by 1 or 2pm. Connections to Phoenix were easy, and Phoenix to NYC was a breeze.

As for Tulum and Mexico... great food, friendly people, no language issues to speak of. Would we go back? Absolutely...

All the Best,
30th April, 2007

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